Simple Monster Mockup

Posted by Josiah Purtlebaugh on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Today I modeled a very simple monster (with horrible topology).


He is built from a cube with the multires modifier subdivided 7 times. I sculpted then baked the normals to a 2k map which got placed over the 20kish poly version. The quality is pretty low likely due to the poor UV unwrap.

Once modeled, I made a very simple rig and rigged him up. The movement is pretty terrible because his body shape is so weird, so I’ll need to spend some time weight painting if I want it to look good. Note to self, always remember to calculate the bone roll agains the global Z axis.

I started making a walk cycle but ran out of time tonight so I’ll finish it tomorrow.

The only other advancement was that I made it so you could equip/unequip your weapon in UE4 (Block project), and that you can only attack if your weapon is out.

Once the model above is walking I’ll put him into the engine with some simple AI and made him spawnable and killable.