Ragdoll Physics and a Door

Posted by Josiah Purtlebaugh on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Summary of accomplishment:

  • Make the enemies ragdoll upon death
  • Add a new mesh for doors

I first decided to tackle making the enemies ragdoll without falling through the ground. Ultimately the solution was to apply simple collision to my static mesh object that is the ground.

Unfortunately the animation continues to play past death. Even though isDead is properly being updated, the animation does not move to the new state. I’ll have to look into it further later.

Wanting to make some progress on game mechanics, I decided to add a door so that I could begin playing with locked doors and keys. There’s not much to say; I modeled a door (very simply) and imported it into UE4. One hurdle I faced was the navmash on the doorway object blocking pathfinding, but I was able to resolve it by using complex physics, and later using simple physics with multiple colliders.