Animation and Blueprinting

Posted by Josiah Purtlebaugh on Friday, August 21, 2020

Summary of accomplishment:

  • Animate the monster (and tweak the rig/weight painting)
  • Import the monster into UE4
  • Make the monster chase the player

I spent an hour or so animating the monster I made yesterday and importing it into UE4. There was nothing specifically difficult about the animating, except that the rig is very poor and the weight painting is even worse, so the mesh does not deform well. I’m not too worried about it for now as I can make a real monster later.

I struggled a lot with the UE4 import as upon importing the animations were far too small. In the end, I set the Blender world scale to 0.1 and upon importing to UE4 I set the monster scale up by 50. This is not the correct way, as I should not have to modify the scale in UE4.

The monster chases the player after a short delay (in order to capture the video). The chase is driven by a Simple Move to Actor on the Monster blueprint. I had to add a Navmesh before the monster AI would move at all.